Permission: Settings management

Users with the Settings management permission can configure and customize the Graphlytic platform. 

Available Application Settings:

Import and Export of the global settings

On the Settings page: use the "Export settings" button to export all settings packed in one Zip file. You can use this file to backup your global settings or transfer global settings between Graphlytic instances.

You can upload settings back into Graphlytic by just dropping the file in the drag&drop area on the Settings page.

Import one setting

It's possible to upload one setting file at a time.

  • The name of the setting file has to start with the name of the setting and it can have any suffix (for example SMTP_v1.json or SSO_v23.json).
  • Encoding of the file has to be "UTF-8".

Import more than one setting with zip files

It's possible to import a zip file with more setting files.

  • The name of the zip file is arbitrary.
  • Names of the setting files in the zip file have to start with the name of the settings with any suffix (for example SMTP.json or SSO_v5.json).
  • Encoding of the setting files has to be "UTF-8".
  • All setting files from the zip file are loaded.