After Graphlytic is installed one default user with full permissions is created in the system. Use this user to log into the system:

  1. Open a browser window or tab (see Requirements for supported browsers).
  2. Enter the URL of Graphlytic. The default local URLs are (port number can be changed, see the Installation manual for more information):
    1. http://localhost:8080
    2. https://localhost:8443
  3. Enter default login credentials:
    • login: admin
    • password: admin

After the first successful login, a valid license key has to be inserted in order to start using the application. If you don't have a license key or your license key has expired you can register for a Free LITE edition license directly in the application, or please contact us at if you would like to get a Free TRIAL of the Enterprise edition.

Please change the default password. Password can be changed in the Profile (accessible in the Main menu - the right side of the header).