We are opening the Graphlytic LITE Server for everyone for free! 

Graphlytic LITE Server has all the visualization and analytics capabilities of the Graphlytic Server and can be used by a single user for any purpose. Whether it's a personal project, or you need a solution in your company, Graphlytic LITE Server can be used to deliver graph visualization features in very little time. The only restriction is single-user usage. If you later would like to add other users just contact us and we will help you upgrade your installation from LITE to ENTERPRISE Server.

Installation is quite easy and we have installation manuals for many OS including Linux, Windows, macOS, or you can use Docker. Check out all the installation options on the Graphlytic Server page.

Graphlytic LITE Server is also available as a Neo4j Desktop app, under the name Graphlytic Desktop. Check it out if you are already using Neo4j Desktop, the installation is super easy.

LITE Server Activation

After the app is installed log in using the username "admin" and password "admin".

Graphlytic default login page

After the first start of the Graphlytic Server, activation is required.

Graphlytic LITE Server activation - activation options

To unlock the LITE edition choose the "Free registration" option and enter your email in the next dialog.

Graphlytic LITE Server activation - enter email address

We will use this email to generate a license key for your Graphlytic installation. A verification email will be sent to your inbox. Please click on the "ACTIVATE FREE GRAPHLYTIC LITE" button in the email to activate the LITE license.

Graphlytic LITE Server activation - confirmation email

Your free LITE license will be generated instantly and you'll see a confirmation message. After that just return to the application and click on the "Check for license" button.

Graphlytic LITE Server activation - application activation

The generated license key will be downloaded and used to automatically unlock your Graphlytic Server installation.

The next step is to connect Graphlytic Server to a graph database that will be used to save and retrieve graph data. Graphlytic supports Neo4j, Cosmos DB, and several other Gremlin-based graph databases. For more information please refer to the Graph Connections documentation page.

Graphlytic Graph Connection configuration

When the graph database is connected you can start building your knowledge graph. There are a lot of resources on our website that can help you start your graph journey, e.g.:

  • Feature videos - learn the basic features from short video tutorials.
  • Blog - blogpost with step-by-step tutorials and introductions to main concepts of Graphlytic. Subscribe if you want to be notified about new posts.
  • Documentation - technical documentation for more advanced configuration.

Contact us if you will get stuck in the process or want to discuss your knowledge graph use case. Our engineers will help you with product evaluation, data import, or configuration.


Check out Graphlytic Cloud if you don't have a running graph database or you don't want to deal with the installation and activation by yourself.