Here are our most important features
Powerful HTML5 based graph visualizations with cytoscape.js library works with every major browser and platform.
Graph DB
Graphlytic supports the world's leading graph databases, including Neo4j, Memgraph, Cosmos DB, and others, enabling us to give you fantastic performance.
Look for patterns in your data with easy to use layouts, filtering or mapping data to visual properties like color or size.
Scheduled jobs
With Jobs it's easy to write and schedule your own scripts for importing data, searching patterns and sending emails.
Data analysis doesn't have to be a lonely job. Collaborate with others and share your findings or export images and data.
Business solutions
Contact us if you are interested in using Graphlytic in specific business cases. We are happy to help you with the setup.

Fraud Detection and Enhancing Analytics

The human eye captures fraud schemes within graph visualization blazingly fast! Unveil sophisticated fraud and criminal patterns much easier. Cut the manual analyst research time. Dive deeper into your data. Achieve significant savings.

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IT Infrastructure Visualization

Visualize and catalogue assets in your complex network or data center, depicting critical dependencies. Manage your IT operations with higher confidence and find bottlenecks before they generate any incidents.

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Enterprise Communication Analysis

Find out correlations between communication and business results. Discover informal communication patterns within your teams in one picture. Leverage the power of graph visualization to better manage your organization.

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Code Refactoring 

and Documentationtion

Gain control over the code by establishing code clarity and elimination of duplications in code using graph visualization model. Get strong support for code documentation and quick onboarding for new team members.

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How it works?

Most common scenario when you want to find answers in your graph data

Import data and keep it synced
Search data using comprehensive tools
Visualize patterns
and outliers
Save and collaborate

What our clients says about us

“We have used Graphlytic for multiple cases and found it very useful for gaining a deeper understanding before doing business decisions or investment. Our IT department utilized the tool to analyze code structure in the next generation of our core system to optimize it. We, at the business branch of the company, applied Graphlytic graph visualization to get a better knowledge of the unique communication patterns in our company that led to increased efficiency of our sales processes.”

Vladimír Dudon

Sales & Marketing Director at Commander Services, s.r.o.

“With Graphlytic, we enabled our customer to work with the configuration database data more efficiently and easier. This resulted in faster, smarter decisions and in the involvement of other organizational units to regular use of this data in decision making. Thanks to the Graphlytic team we are constantly delivering high added value to our demanding customers.”

Dušan Matovčík

ITIL Expert at MIM, s.r.o.

“Connections and relationships hold the key to truth. Our analytical engine, R!sk Hunter, performs the graph queries in the unique graph database of the entire UK corporate universe for investigations, due diligence, forensics. Graphlytic visualization is a perfect user interface for searching and exploring the network among millions of relationships. It helps us to spin-up the engagement with our potential customers.”

Mike Oaten

CEO at Regulation Technologies Ltd.

Unpicking and identifying hidden relationships in large data sets and analysing complex structures is made much easier with graph technologies. Ardhi has put Knowledge Graphs at the centre of Life Cycle Assessments. With Graphlytic we have been able to implement graph-based projects faster and engage potential customers early in the design phase. This allows us to produce impactful visualisations of Life Cycle Assessments allowing businesses to quantify their environmental footprint  and identify improvement options and pathways. Graphlytic has been a key partner for Ardhi in understanding our business and delivering our requirements.

St-John Williamson

Director & Co-Founder at ARDHI Digital

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