I was thinking about writing a typical end-of-the-fiscal-year post but this was not a typical year. The year 2020 was tough for everybody and I really hope that 2021 will be different and more "normal" in every sense of the word. On the other hand, from a business perspective, 2020 for Graphlytic was quite a ride. We have released a ton of new features, grown our team, and more than doubled the revenue. We would never be able to achieve these results without the awesome graph community. Many new ideas, improvements, and projects came from discussions with out of the box thinking community members. Every year more and more people and companies are joining the graph space creating new opportunities for everybody. My belief is that if everybody would give a little bit back, we, as a community could greatly benefit from it.

I'd like to mention a few ways how we at Graphlytic are contributing back. Our motto "Join the Graph Side!" is capturing the essence of what we are trying to do - encourage anybody to get into graphs and make graphs super easy and accessible for everyone - and here are some examples from the year 2020:

  • Graphlytic Desktop opened for remote Neo4j databases, completely for free. Read more here: Announcing Graphlytic Desktop opened for remote Neo4j instances
  • We have sponsored multiple projects and initiatives with a free Graphlytic Enterprise license or with a free Graphlytic Cloud instance. If you have a graph use case and want to try Graphlytic to get traction please reach out, we would like to hear about the project.
  • Sponsored Open Source Development - we have sponsored the development of two Cytoscape.js plugins created by Jan Zak. Jan is a very experienced Data Visualization Engineer. We are very proud that we could get together and create these open sources plugins:
    • Cytoscape-Lasso : plugin for the Lasso polygon selection overlay. There is a short clip in this post showing the Lasso plugin integrated into Graphlytic: What's new in Graphlytic 3.1
    • Cytoscape-Mapbox-GL: this plugin is adding a geographical map (MapBox.js) canvas under the Cytoscape.js canvas and making a lot of magic around zooming, moving, panning, and otherwise interacting with the graph to work with the map. We will be releasing this plugin as a part of Graphlytic in the upcoming 3.3 release. Stay tuned!

I hope that we will help with even more projects in the year 2021. If you know about some idea or project that could use our help, please let us know.


Best wishes for the upcoming year 2021, and Join the Graph Side!

Michal Habala,