Graphlytic can be used in several ways. Every way has its pros and cons depending on the intended usage. To start analyzing and visualizing your data in the fastest and most efficient way please follow this decision tree matrix (or contact us at info (at) 






In Neo4j Desktop

Managed Cloud Instance


Installation difficulty

Easy and Fast

Easy and Fast,

Flexible Provisioning


Expertise needed *

Supported Operating Systems

Windows, Mac OS, Linux


Linux and Windows server OS

# of Users


not restricted

not restricted



Standard or Premium

Standard or Premium

Customer Data Stored & Operated

Locally on Customer’s Side

Third-party cloud services. Existing Neo4j instances can be connected.

Locally on Customer’s Side

ETL jobs (task automatization) Yes Yes Yes

User Groups




User Permissions Management




Collaboration, Visualizations Sharing




Integration with 3rd party systems

Remote Neo4j instances




(See the pricing page for current offering)


Based on # users and instance sizing (RAM, Disk)

Based on # licensed users

* Graphlytic consultants can provide remote or on-site support (depending on the geographic location of the customer) to define the data schema, or to deliver bespoke customizations. For more detailed specifications or custom quotations please contact the Graphlytic team at

If you are a beginner to graph theory or if you just want to test Graphlytic for functionality features, stability, and blazing fast reactions, we recommend going for Graphlytic Desktop running in Neo4j Desktop. All your data are processed in your environment, so there are no security concerns during testing, and it's completely free. On the other hand, if you need to access your graph data deployed on a remote server with Neo4j bolt endpoints, such as Neo4j Sandbox, Neo4j Cloud Aura, GrapheneDB, you can do it as well, as we opened Graphlytic Desktop for remote Neo4j instances. The installation process takes just a few minutes. Please follow the instructions in the step-by-step tutorial in HOW TO INSTALL AND USE GRAPHLYTIC IN NEO4J DESKTOP post.

In case you are an experienced graph data engineer/scientist, and you want to either:

  • A) test all features including team collaboration and visualization sharing, scheduled jobs, integration possibilities, etc.
  • B) use simple provisioning with various supporting services and / or
  • C) use the PAYG model, to reflect your dynamics of growth and avoid higher initial implementation costs

we would like to recommend our Graphlytic Managed Cloud Instances. Pricing starts from 19 €/month. You can choose the infrastructure for your cloud service and scale your plan here: Graphlytic Cloud - Choose your Plan 

Last but not least stays the custom On-premise Installation on your server infrastructure. This kind of Graphlytic instance is perfectly suitable for organizations or units

  • A) with specific needs
  • B) their security policies mandate their data to be stored on their resources. 

Ask for your Free Server Trial here. We'll send you a free 30-days Graphlytic Enterprise Licence for one user upon your registration with your email address. We can expand the license up to 5 users per your request. In case you need Trial Licence for a longer period or for more users, again, let us know. We can set-up a 30-minutes live call to validate your intentions with graphs and discuss, how we can support you the best.

Please address your clarification questions or requests for quotations to the Graphlytic team at Graphlytic team feels excited to give you professional support for requirements assessment or to help with information needed for your team's decision process.