Risk Hunter is a unique connected database that enables the visualization of the entire UK business universe for investigations, due diligence, or forensics.

It puts together:

  • 12 million corporates -  all PLCs, Ltd Co’s, LLPs & Charities; live and those dissolved in the last few decades.
  • 13 million officers - all UK directors and company secretaries, with full current and previous addresses, nationality, age and occupation details.
  • Thousands of updates daily to the existing database with the changes of details for the existing company or person, or with new records of the recently incorporated UK corporate entity.

How it works

Technically speaking, Risk Hunter is a customizable web application using:

  • open data sources employed in accordance with respective licenses;
  • transformed into the world's leading Neo4j graph database structure allowing users to run graph queries and algorithms;
  • using POLE’ data model connecting companies, company officers, locations and corporate events;
  • visualized in the web interface or an API to generate insights, powered by Graphlytic.

There is a series of short videos on how to use the platform:


Free accounts are available to investigative journalists examining the UK business environment 

Risk Hunter is offering free accounts to journalists working on UK business investigations into corruption and fraud and a 7-Day free trial

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