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  • Managed Cloud Instance
  • Ready in 5 minutes
  • Minimal technical skills needed
  • Standard Or Premium Support
  • Graphlytic Cloud managed instances are ideal for teams that need to work with knowledge graphs and don't want to spend a lot of time with infrastructure configuration.

    Our cloud app can be integrated with an existing graph database or we can create a blank one for you. Every cloud app is running on a dedicated virtual server.

    Schedule import jobs, create user groups with different permissions, or coordinate data gathering and modeling in your team.


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  • On-premises Installation
  • LITE edition - Free For Single User
  • Advanced Configuration Options
  • Standard Or Premium Support
  • The on-premises installation of Graphlytic Server is used when you want to have your data on your server in a closed network or behind a firewall.

    Graphlytic Server provides all the advanced configuration and integration options. See the Integrations page or contact us to see a demo of the application.

    Graphlytic Server can be installed on various distributions of Linux and Windows OS.

    Please refer to the Graphlytic Server page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Standard and Premium support?

Both Standard and Premium support includes access to new upgrades and updates, documentation, and email support.

Request for new functionality from customers with Premium support will be implemented with higher priority. We will discuss the requests on an online call and our consultants will give you guidance and support.

Premium support has guaranteed availability of helpdesk (10x5), and SLA with guaranteed response time (usually 1 day) and repair time (usually 5 days). The actual SLA parameters depend on the criticality of the solution.

Customers with Premium support can purchase additional custom support, special application builds, custom features, analytical or integration services.

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