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Graphlytic Cloud infrastructure provides a powerful and flexible platform, enabling businesses and organisations to leverage the benefits of scalable, collaborative, and accessible data visualization solutions.

With many integration options, it's easy to create your own solution connected to leading graph databases like Neo4j, AzureCosmos DB, AWS Neptune, Memgraph, Apache Tinkerpop, or JanusGraph. Add single sign-on, your custom geo map server, or use Graphlytic's REST API to create a unique solution tailored specifically to your needs.

Main benefits of running Graphlytic in ourcloud:


Cloud platforms provide virtually unlimited computing power, storagecapacity, and bandwidth, which can be leveraged to process and visualize largeand complex graphs and networks.


Cloud platforms enable multiple users to access and collaborate on thesame graph visualization project from different locations and devices, whichcan enhance teamwork and productivity.


Cloud platforms can make graph visualization tools and data accessiblefrom anywhere with an internet connection, facilitating remote work and datasharing.


Our cloud platformoffers a cost-effectivepricing model based onsubscriptionplans, which can reduce theupfront costs and financial risks associated with building and maintaining anon-premises infrastructure for graph visualization.


Graphlytic in the cloud can be up and running in a few minutes,reducing the installation time and providing much quicker idea assessmentwithout the need to involve other infrastructure teams in your organization.

Graphlytic Cloud Configuration Tool

Graphlytic Cloud service consists of two HW components: the graph database where the graph data itself is stored and the web application Graphlytic that is used by users to interact with the graph. Some customers already have their graph database (Neo4j, Cosmos DB, Apache Tinkerpop, ...) and want just the visualization application, some customers don't want to worry about the technical part and just want to start working with the visualization. We support both cases, just choose between the two below.

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Estimated Graph Size

Suitable for graph with up to {{ sizes[size]['nodes_rels'] }}
Application HW: {{ parseHw(matrix[type][cCriticality][size].application_service.hw) }}
Database HW: {{ parseHw(matrix[type][cCriticality][size].graph_service.hw) }}

This is just an estimated value that will help us choose the right HW setup for you. If you don't know yet or you are just starting with your graph journey then just select the smallest option. It is possible to upgrade the HW later.

Service Criticality

Graph service and application service hosted on the same machine
Weekly backups

Ideal for evaluation, personal usage, development, and smaller solutions where the data is stored also elsewhere.
We are using DigitalOcean's services to host the Graphlytic service and graph database.

Graph service and application service hosted on dedicated machines
Daily backups
Suitable for production solutions

We are using GrapheneDB cloud service for hosting the Neo4j graph databases and DigitalOcean's services to host our Graphlytic application instances.

Payment period
Total price

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*Price valid for an annual payment of {{ price }} EUR
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