Do you want to work on graph visualization software? Do you like working with clients developing unique solutions based on the graph theory? Contact us and join the graph side!


Online Community Manager

Working on developing of the Graphlytic online community.

Interacting with the online community regarding the product.

Posting product related texts on social media and on our blog.

Senior Javascript frontend developer

Working on new features and maintenance of Graphlytic - the core product.

Developing custom plugins and widgets for customers.

Technologies: Javascript, CSS, Bootstrap, Cytoscape.js (nice to have but not mandatory)

Senior consultant

Do you like working with technical teams, transforming requirements into working graph based solutions?

Then this position is the right one for you, let's talk.


Working remotely

Flexible contract & working hours

Projects all over the world

Working with exciting graph technologies

Please contact us if you want to know more about the positions.

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