• Improved link rendering in property values in the visualization.

  • Improved visualization context menu positioning.


  • Fixed custom logo migration from 4.2.x versions.

  • Fixed errors in the Safari browser.


Blog Post - What's New in Graphlytic 5.0

New features

  • Java upgraded to 17, and all backend Java libraries upgraded to the latest versions.

  • Context menu in visualization (on right mouse click).

  • New node expand filtering options.

  • Improved branding - SVG support for logo and configurable primary color of the theme.

  • New search menu in visualization.

  • Query Libraries.

  • Dynamic Query API.

  • More public sharing options (publish in the gallery, password protected public vis).

  • Improved SSO configuration options:

    • First Name, Last Name, and Email claim mapping.

    • Federation metadata document import.

    • Automatic signing key update from federation metadata URL.

  • Python driver in ETL jobs.

  • Option to use Azure Managed Identities to authenticate the Cosmos DB connection.


  • Improved default settings and queries.

  • Auto-trimming of values inputted in the UI.

  • Improved hints design.

  • Removed deprecated REST API endpoints.

  • User note max length increased to 1000 characters.

  • Improved log viewer.

  • Improved MS Excel driver in ETL jobs.

  • Azure Cosmos DB performance improved.


  • Overlapping relationship titles fixed



  • Fixed a bug that was causing the visualization to crash when a non-string property value was used on the Detail tab. This bug is affecting only version 4.2.4.



  • Improved Azure Entra ID documentation.

  • XSS input sanitization improved.

  • Added new SSO settings option to switch between local user group management and auto group updating based on IdP claims.


  • Fixed SSO group update when an existing user logs in.



  • Processing of nested arrays of elements from Cypher query results.

  • Option to hide the Timeline button in the visualization by removing the "timeline" part from the Visualization setting.

  • Option to hide the application header with the "hide-header" URL parameter.


  • Processing Gremlin query results with null values.

  • Saving of visualization default settings after shortest path usage.

  • Minor bug fixes.



  • Improved logging of Gremlin queries.

  • Improved performance of Azure Cosmos DB queries.


  • Fixed issues in the Query Template editor.

  • Fixed processing of a few specific formulas in MS Excel import driver.

  • Minor bug fixes.



  • Branding - do not set the default app title if a space is entered (allow for blank titles).

  • Added parsing of the "PUBLIC_VIS_ACCESS" audit log record to the GET /log/data endpoint.

  • Improved sorting of elements in various visualization layouts by title properties.


  • Fixed auto-registration for the LITE license.

  • Buttons for query preload and visualization are fixed in the Search Menu in the visualization.

  • Pace indicator is fixed in Firefox.

  • Fixed show/hide of Query Builder on the Queries page.

  • Fixed manual file import for situations where no label column is selected.


Blog Post - What's New in Graphlytic 4.2

New features

  • New query template editor and custom query editor.

  • Code editor with syntax highlighting for Gremlin and Cypher queries.

  • New features in the pan-zoom controls - graph stretching and rotating.

  • Support for multiple properties as node or relationship titles in the visualization.

  • A detailed listing of all changes in graph data is available when a saved visualization is opened.

  • Added search and sorting of public visualizations on the Login page.

  • A share button was added to the visualization and the in-app sharing was reworked to support sharing with large audiences.


  • Memgraph integration improvements.

  • Fixed usage of other than the home database in Neo4j 5.

  • jQuery and jQuery UI upgraded to the newest versions.

  • Improved logging.

  • Favicon is dynamically generated based on the branding configuration.

  • Improved data type handling in manual import.

  • Improved import speed of MS Excel driver in ETL jobs.

  • Improved data writing into MS Excel files in ETL jobs.

  • Gremlin search - "id" of elements implicitly added to searched properties.

  • The width of the control panel is saved with the visualization.

  • Drag & drop sorting of properties in tooltips in the visualization.

  • A few other minor improvements.


  • Changing the color of the selection state and selection polygon in visualization.

  • Graph Connection driver in ETL jobs - replacing of job variables fixed.

  • A few minor bugfixes.



  • Improved Neo4j fulltext search configuration.

  • Improved node sorting by title property in visualization layouts.

  • Optimized query logging.

  • Improved UID WARN messages in the application log.


  • Fixed Cypher Search connector with "all labels" and "all properties" checked.

  • Fixed loading of relationships in saved visualizations.



  • Neo4j fulltext index configuration - option to rename the fulltext indexes managed by Graphlytic.

  • Project Settings - added a UI panel for managing the auto-refresh functionality.

  • Virtual property editing - Improved code completion rules.

  • Neo4j 4.x - Improved indexing of relationships with UID turned on.


  • Fixed loading of visualizations with changed UID values.

  • Fixed PNG export in visualization with legend turned on but not shown.

  • Fixed showing of the shortest path filter in unsaved visualization.



  • Improved loading of widgets in visualization.

  • Improved saving of thumbnails with Geo Map turned on.


  • Fixed GET /projects/{id}/data/graph/uid endpoint.

  • Fixed legend error for non-existing properties.

  • Fixed loading of visualization with merged model turned on and deleted relationships.

  • Fixed legend value reload for linear mappers.



  • Fixed bug with login into a blank installation without a license key.



  • Improved style legend in visualization - better handling of "Undefined values" and "Other values" mappings.

  • Improved default visualization configuration.

  • Improved configuration options of CSP directives including an added panel on the Application settings page.


  • Fixed bugs on the Project settings page for users with Project Settings management permission but without access to Projectís data.

  • Fixed issues with node labels in the manual import of MS Excel or CSV files.

  • Public visualizations:

    • node exploring fixed in the visualization,

    • reset of public sharing on visualization info update fixed.


New features

  • Fulltext search of relationships with condition building added on the Queries page.

  • Azure Cognitive Search integration for fulltext search.

  • Cypher search added as the default option for Cypher-based graph DB connections.

  • Support for Memgraph DB added.

  • Content Security Policy rules management added.

  • Google Sheets ETL driver added - read and write data from/to Google Sheets.

  • Public visualizations accessible for not authenticated users added.

  • Permission "Preview" added - users with this permission can only preview visualizations shared with them without accessing data in the graph DB.

  • Added "Editable" visualization sharing permission.

  • Export of virtual properties from visualization into CSV added.

  • Shortest path condition builder added to the visualization.

  • Legend added in the visualization.

  • PNG export improved - legend and Geo map background included in the export.

  • Graph traversing API added in the virtual property context.

  • New features on the Application Settings page

    • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing management panel.

    • Custom icons management panel.

    • Branding management panel with a logo cropping feature and color picker.

    • Custom widgets (visualization extensions) management panel added with a JS code editor.

    • Login message management panel added.

    • Log file reader with filtering and export copy to clipboard feature.

    • General settings panel with configuration options like session timeout, and the number of parallel sessions for users.

    • Panel with system properties added.

  • New features on the Project Settings page

    • Icons management panel - add or remove icon packages for every project.

    • Widgets management panel - add, remove, and configure widgets for every project.

  • Automatic HSQL backup with every Graphlytic DB migration during application start.

  • Added an internal widget for node merging on Neo4j DB using the APOC library.


  • GRAPH_CONNECTIONS configuration added to the export/import config package.

  • Improved performance of Azure Cosmos DB queries.

  • Improved ETL MS Excel driver with the option to read cell metadata (formatted value, URL links, etc.) and import to all supported types of graph DBs.

  • Improved Neo4j fulltext search - results are by default sorted by Lucene score.

  • Improved shortest path algorithm for Azure Cosmos DB.

  • Support for Neo4j 5 improved.

  • A detailed configuration of parameters for the force-directed layout in the visualization was added.

  • Fixed handling of property keys with single and double quotes in the visualization.

  • Configuration of loading modes added to visualization edit modal on the Projects page.

  • Windows service installer upgraded to work with Windows Server 2019.

  • Added a download button in the import modal to download any of the user-uploaded files.

  • Improved logging in ETL jobs - added logging into job history records for better troubleshooting.

  • Improved graph metadata collector for Gremlin-based graph DBs.

  • Improved processing of Gremlin results on the Queries page.

  • Optimized condition queries on Neo4j DB.

  • Improved fulltext searching with stop words on Neo4j DB.

  • Improved and simplified Single sign-on configuration.

  • JS code editor with code completion added in the visualization virtual property editor.

  • XML code editor added in ETL job edit modal window.

  • Added search and grouping of visualizations in the visualization menu.

  • Improved query template configuration options.

  • Improved documentation.


  • Projects page for users with limited access to projects fixed.

  • Fixed fulltext configuration for JanusGraph and Apache TinkerPop DBs.

  • Fixed escaping of values for Gremlin-based graph DB connections.

  • Fixed SOLR connection overwriting in Hybrid Model architecture with multiple projects.

  • Icon reloading in saved visualizations fixed.

  • Several minor bug fixes.



  • Added setting VISUALIZATION.titleBackground for turning on a white background on titles in visualization.

  • Optimized build process.


  • Fixed changing of property in Style Mapper setting.



  • Added VISUALIZATION.maxLoadedRecords setting to control max number of records loaded from DB during exploring.

  • Increased query limit for custom queries to 100.000 returned records.

  • ETL - MS Excel driver - added option to define the path to the file in query and script parts of the job.

  • Queries page - improved handling of empty query lists, fulltext search, and query result summary.

  • Improved documentation.


  • Fixed fulltext search settings for non-Neo4j DBs and improved handling of indexer status.

  • ETL - MS Excel driver - fixed attribute replacing in query.

  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.



  • Improved logging of business exceptions.


  • CSV export from Gremlin-based databases fixed.

  • Data Schema property editing for combination multiple:false, strict:false fixed.

  • Queries page - column sorting for Node Filter queries fixed.



  • Fulltext search settings for Neo4j supporting different Neo4j analyzers.

  • Endpoint PUT /projects/{projectId}/data/nodes is now accepting also empty node labels or relationship types in the request.

  • Improved naming and documentation for graph connections.


  • Delete nodes and relationships fixed for users with Data Security turned on.

  • Fulltext search fixed for users with Data Security turned on.

  • Direct style mapper - improved handling of the mapping of the background image.

  • Autorefresh of the visualization is now selecting also changed relationships.


New features

  • Projects - allows connecting to multiple graph databases at once. 

    • Every Project has a graph connection and a set of settings (styles, data schema, etc.)

    • Part of Application Settings was moved to Project level.

    • New access rules UI allows to map user groups to projects with various access rules and application permissions.

    • Project-related API endpoints have been changed.

  • Queries page - redesigned and renamed Search & Manage Data page with better query management and Query Template editor.

  • Azure CosmosDB driver added with tuned queries for maximal performance on big graphs and reduced RU consumption.

  • New graph DB supported (beta):

    • JanusGraph

    • AWS Neptune

  • MS Excel driver added in the ETL module - can be used to read or write data into MS Excel files.

  • New Icon management - icons can be uploaded using the UI and managed in groups that can be assigned to projects. Circa 800 icons bundled with Graphlytic.

  • General Setting - this new global setting allows to set platform-level settings like session timeout duration, login page message, and more.

  • Direct style mapper - allows using property values directly as style values.


  • Asynchronous manual file import with the option to cancel the import.

  • SMTP config - added "base path" configuration for URL links sent in the email.

  • Improved CSV export/import capabilities.

  • Improved documentation.

  • Several libraries upgraded to the newest versions and dependencies were optimized.

  • Application navigation improved.

  • New date/time formats added in Data Schema and in Timeline settings.

  • Added "change direction" and data schema properties in the relationship creation modal window.


  • A lot of smaller bug fixes and improvements.



  • Added option to configure RAM allocation using ENV variables.


  • CSV Export - Schema titles usage fixed for start and end node properties in relationship export.

  • CSV Export - Fixed modal window height issues.



  • CSV export from the visualization - added option to add columns with start and end node properties into the exported CSV file.


  • Fixed sorting of columns in CSV export when no titles are defined.

  • Fixed password strength validator (included more special characters).

  • Fixed text query parser in query templates.


New features

  • CSV export capabilities in visualization - user can choose columns and sort strategy (including "Detect path") before the export.

  • Added IFRAME integration options.


  • ETL SOLR driver - added new configuration options.

  • REST API - added "range" conditions to all Condition object usages, e.g. in POST /data/nodes/find.

  • Improved handling of relationship UUID values (added escaping of all Lucene special characters).

  • Improved handling of large responses from Neo4j with stream processing.

  • Added the flag "hidden" in Data Schema to allow pre-hide properties in visualization's detail tab.

  • Added new Audit log events covering all search capabilities in the visualization.

  • Drag&drop import - added "loading" indicator during longer imports and checks for system properties usage.

  • Search page - added showing of data distribution in cypher query results.

  • Added global configuration in the VISUALIZATION setting for turning off the "data refreshed" notifications and "first-time usage" hints on visualization init.

  • Added option in the VISUALIZATION setting to show time in the timeline slider pills.

  • Several small improvements in the application and in the documentation.


  • Drag&drop import - fixed the refresh of the list of relationship properties in node matching.

  • Fixed parsing of the CSV example values to match exactly what will be imported.

  • Fixed graph connections panel empty state.

  • Fixed "NODE_LABELS" and "REL_TYPES" for values with spaces in "cypherColonFormat":true mode.

  • Visualization - fixed hiding of properties in the detail tab.


New features

  • Gremlin support - connection to Azure Cosmos DB or other graph DB using Gremlin 3.4.

  • Free LITE self-registration process in the application.

  • Shortest Paths preview widget.

  • New search window in the visualization with node filtering and direct query access.

  • New drag&drop file import features.

  • Hybrid Data Model support added with integrated SOLR client.


  • Merged node background and node icon styling modes into one with the exploring indicator in the top right corner of the node.

  • Cytoscape.js upgraded to 3.19.0.

  • Improved SSO configuration and IdP response processing.

  • Improved performance of frequency endpoints in the API.

  • New configuration options for Query Templates - "prefix", "suffix" and "mandatory" options added.

  • New audit logging events were added, mainly for auditing of manipulation of Users, Groups, and Jobs entities in the application.

  • Improved visualization loading and changes detection.

  • Default visualization loading mode changed to Refresh data.


  • Fixed schema indexes table for LOOKUP Neo4j index.

  • Fixed Groovy support in ETL jobs.

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.



  • New mechanism of direct adding of SSL certificates into the Java Keystore (cacerts).

  • Graphlytic Desktop is now accepting all SSL certificates for the Neo4j connection.

  • Self-loops are enabled in relationship drawing in the visualization.



  • Better handling and UI message for situations where the connected Neo4j's version is different to the version set up in the Graph Connection (v3 vs. v4).

  • Visualization - Save as default is better handling custom created style rules.


  • Modal for user group create fixed.

  • Custom icons with spaces in the filename fixed.

  • Fixed data loading with "calculateNumOfRelatedNodes"=true.


New features

  • New visualization loading mechanism allowing to choose between different strategies:

    • Load the visualization exactly as it was saved (snapshot mode)

    • Load the visualization, check for data changes and show which elements were changed

    • Reload query which was used to create the visualization and show the query result

  • Reload query workflow in the visualization was changed with the possibility to change the dynamic parameters of a query template before the reload

  • New Settings page

    • Neo4j connection management

    • Single Sign-On configuration

    • SMTP configuration

    • Password strength and self-service reset management

  • Undo/Redo for node positions was added

  • Option to visualize all nodes find using the fulltext search was added on the Search & Manage Data page and in the visualization search box

  • Configurable login page information box for global announcements like planned outages etc.

  • Query Templates - a new type of input "NODE_FULLTEXT_SEARCH" was added

  • Java 8 is deprecated and starting with the next release only Java 11 will be supported


  • Single Sign-On

    • added configuration option for automatic redirect from the login page to the IdP

    • added Assertion Consumer URL configuration

  • Saved Visualization - added fulltext search and filtering of saved visualizations

  • Neo4j indexes managed by Graphlytic are checked and created (if needed) during application startup

  • Documentation

    • a separate page for every application configuration option on the Settings page was added

    • revamped Configuration page in the Installation manual

    • improved Data Security documentation

    • improved Virtual Properties documentation

  • Support for Neo4j array values and basic data types like numbers and booleans in graph editing mode

  • Improved error state handling and user notification - warning popups are displayed until they are clicked

  • New keyboard shortcuts added

  • Improved JSON editing and formatting in global settings

  • Improved handling of situations with non-existent fulltext index

  • Exploring filter indicator (red dot) was added when the filter is active


  • fixed handling of basic value types returned from custom cypher queries

  • fixed drag&drop file import

  • fixed auto panning of the visualization view when a large part of the graph is selected

  • few other minor bug fixes and improvements



  • Improved SAML2 integration documentation

  • Axios.js library upgraded to 0.21.1

  • Evo-colorpicker UI component upgraded to 3.4.2

  • Improved Grid and Circle layouts - the nodes are sorted by the node title property selected on the Settings tab in the visualization

  • Graph stretching is now used even when no nodes are selected in the visualization (mouse wheel = zoom, CTRL+wheel = stretch)

  • Improved node spacing in Tree layouts to get more evenly spread nodes

  • Visualization's search panel improved:

    • better node rendering when no labels or properties are defined,

    • clicking on an existing node will zoom to the node,

    • in Search Mode "manual" the search will start only after enter key


  • Fixed bugs caused by non-unique UUID values in the graph

  • Fixed race condition during visualization initialization

  • Fixed error in adding a blank property key in the property filter on Search & Manage Data page

  • Fixed race condition in adding new nodes from the search panel in the visualization

  • Fixed bug in the Circle layout, when used with no node title property

  • Fixed handling of incorrect style values in style mappers

  • Fixed parsing of cypher result on the Search & Manage Data page

  • Fixed "undefined" error in the Geo Layout in the visualization

  • Several other small bugfixes in potential edge cases



  • The Map icon in the toolbox is shown only when the Geo Map integration is configured (turned on).

  • Graph viewport fit added after the Map is turned off.

  • The default color of the selection polygon in visualization was changed to match the default selected state color of graph elements (these colors can be changed in the VISUALIZATION global config).


  • Several smaller bugfixes on the Search & Manage Data page.

  • Several smaller bugfixes in the Visualization.


New features

  • Visualization

    • The geographical maps background can be easily turned on in the graph (if there are latitude and longitude data stored in node properties). Integration with a local Geo Map data server is also supported.

    • New style mapper for arrow types mapping was added.

    • The taxi relationship style was added (series of right-angled lines like in the taxicab geometry).

    • Option to save all settings as a global default - this dramatically reduces the time needed to set up the visualization defaults like icons, colors, titles, tooltips, etc.

    • A new type of layout added - the Grid layout.

    • Saving of the Exploring filter state with the visualization was added. 

  • Query Templates

    • Added a new type of dynamic parameter "CYPHER" which allows populating the suggestion list with values returned by a custom Cypher query.

    • Added support for multiple usages of a dynamic parameter in the Cypher template.

  • A new descriptive Entity Security configuration was implemented. As a result, the Query Templates and Cypher queries can be used also by users with Data Security turned on.

  • Docker installation is now a standard installation option. See the Install with Docker docs for more information.

  • Swagger UI live REST API documentation and tester is now bundled with the app. Only a user with the "API" permission can access the Swagger UI. A static version of REST API endpoints added to the Administration Manual.

  • SSO integration using SAML2 was added.

  • Sentry.io integration for automatic bug collecting was added. It's turned off by default. Contact us if you want to turn on this feature for your Graphlytic installation.

  • Email Server integration for user self-service password reset was added.

  • Management of deleted users - it's possible to undelete deleted users together with their settings and saved visualizations.

  • Janino driver included in ETL module which allows the use of Java code directly in the ETL scripts.

  • Configurable password strength for user-inputted passwords.


  • Login - user that is not added in any user group can't log in.

  • Shortest Path - information about the max searched shortest path length was added to user notifications.

  • Essential app directories are automatically created on app startup if they don't exist.

  • Improved audit logging.

  • User is automatically logged in after a password reset using the email password reset link.

  • Improved positioning of the hints & suggestions overlays.

  • Tooltips on graph elements show only existing properties of the element.

  • Faster update of visualization name and description on the Saved Visualizations page.

  • Alphabetical sorting of all values and property names lists in the query builder.

  • Usage of non-schema properties in the VISUALIZATION.nodeFilterProps was added.

  • Cytoscape.js upgraded to 3.17.1.


  • Editing of relationship properties in Neo4j 4.x

  • Fixed Auto-refresh button hiding in the visualization.

  • Fixed rendering of standard error pages (400, 500, ...).


New features

  • Query Templates - custom Cypher queries presented to the user in a human-readable form with dynamic parameters (with suggestions) that the user can use to change and use the query without any Cypher knowledge.

  • Redesign of the Search Page - the UX is more straightforward, with fewer buttons and more functionality.

    • The top toolbox panel was removed and the functionality was distributed among the specific tabs. 

    • The queries are tunned to ask only for the necessary data and only in necessary moments making the searching faster on large graphs.

    • Description field was added to every query type (Node Filter, Cypher, Template).

    • Property selection in the Query Builder was reworked to include a search feature.

    • Tables with node listings have reworked header, now including the fulltext search, number of found results, paging buttons and fulltext index configuration (for users with the Settings permission).

    • The information about a minimal number of characters is shown in the fulltext search input.

    • The window for adding queries from the Repository includes more information about the queries (title, description and query type).

  • Visualization

    • Auto-refresh feature for live updates in the visualization as the Neo4j data changes.

    • Drag-panning added - the view is automatically panned when you are moving selected nodes outside of the view with dragging.


  • Docs - added page with the description of all integration options in Graphlytic: https://graphlytic.com/doc/latest/Integrations.html

  • Default out-of-the-box settings improved for big graphs with a lot of super nodes, and the default visualization settings are now also using more data for visualization formatting.

  • Initialization of the Fulltext Index configuration using the already existing index from Neo4j.

  • Lasso plugin in the visualization upgraded to version 1.1.3.

  • Max number of elementes visualized from a single Cypher query was increased to 20.000.


  • The "Save" menu showing in the header outside of the visualization page was fixed.

  • Visualization - the range Property Filter in the Exploring widget is now including elements with the top range value into the result of the filter.


New features

  • Visualization

    • Dynamic tool menus in the visualization. The tools are shrinked to drop-down menus on screens with smaller width.

    • Lasso plugin for batch selection of parts of the graph.

    • Color configuration for selection polygon and selected state of the graph elements with VISUALIZATION.selections setting.

    • Auto-zooming to added parts of the graph during node expansion in the visualization.

    • Improved shapes and sizes of graph element overlays used for selected state.

  • JMX is enabled by default and can be used to monitor performance or to stop ETL jobs.


  • All visualization JavaScript errors are logged in the Frontend Audit log and are available in the Audit API.

  • Cytoscape.js upgraded to 3.15.2

  • Improved rendering limits.

  • Label "SHARED" added to visualization tiles on the Manage Visualizations page to indicate which visualizations are shared with some other users.

  • Added VISUALIZATION.shortestPathMaxLength setting to set the maximal length of searched shortest paths.


  • Fixed parsing of audit events in the Audit API.

  • Fixed query and layout for finding all related nodes in the visualization.


New features 

  • Neo4j 4 support

  • New Neo4j fulltext index API used

  • No Neo4j server plugin needed, just connect Graphlytic to any Neo4j endpoint and start visualization

  • Removed REST connection between Graphlytic and Neo4j (it's Bolt only from now on)

  • UUID usage in saved visualizations

  • Visualization

    • Zoom to node from the Search tab and Detail tab

    • Remove not selected elements feature

    • Remove orphaned nodes feature

    • Find All Relationships - Add relationships between selected nodes and all other nodes in the visualization

    • Find Mutually Related Nodes - Add nodes connecting selected nodes (all paths of length 2 between selected nodes)

    • Reload Query - Query, that was used to create the visualization, is used to load new result set from the database. All nodes and relationships in the visualization are removed and the query result set is visualized.

  • Audit logging

    • New frontend audit logging

    • New backend audit events

    • New REST service for reading audit logs

    • New audit logs viewer in the User management

  • Exploring (expanding) of nodes

    • Added property filters with value lists and range selectors

  • Password management with email integration

    • Send email invitations to new users

    • User "forgot password" workflow

  • VISUALIZATION setting changes

    • "maxNodesForAnimation" - change the threshold for running layout animations

    • "maxNodesToExplore" - change the threshold for running the bulk explore (expand) of nodes

    • "maxNodesFromExploring" - change the threshold for the max number of nodes returned from a single exploring (expand) action

    • "arrowRendering" - choose witch relationships models should have the arrows rendered

    • "maxDimensionValues" - choose the max number of values rendered in the dimension histograms

  • CSV_EXPORT setting changes

    • "maxRows" - global limit of max rows exported in one CSV file


    • "datetime" dataType added with formatting possibilities in the "formatString" setting


  • Visualization

    • Redesign

    • Faster loading

    • Faster responses in most visualization operations 

    • Search - "Exact search" checkbox added

    • Timeline - preset ranges added (configurable in the VISUALIZATION setting)

    • Undo & Redo buttons added in the header

    • Tab Stat - values on the value axis are formatted using the DATA_SCHEMA configuration

    • Rendered graph - values in titles are using the DATA_SCHEMA configuration for value formatting

    • Added keyboard shortcuts

  • Max nodes that can be visualized from a single cypher query result changed to 8000 (from 3000)

  • Automatic hint display when the fulltext index is not configured properly

  • Upgraded Jersey JAX-RS API to 2.28

  • Spring upgraded to 4.3.25

  • Spring Security upgraded to 3.2.10

  • HSQLDB upgraded to 2.3.6

  • Apache commons library upgraded


  • Timeline fixed for dates with the epoch time less then zero

  • Search & Manage Data page - fixed counter of returned elements in cypher queries


New features

  • Added "source" and "target" objects in virtual property context on relationships

  • Visualization

    • Advanced info about the number of relationships in the model was added to the Stat tab

    • Undo - use key shortcuts for Undo and Redo of graph changes


  • Java 11 support (Oracle or OpenJDK distributions)

  • Optimized graph queries

  • Optimized worker model calculations

  • Cytoscape.js upgraded to 3.11.0

  • Optimized force-directed layout

  • HSQLDB schema name configuration in graphlytic.conf

  • Option to turn off the calculation of NumOfRelatedNodes in the DATA_TYPES global config

  • Jetty upgraded to 9.3.28


  • Histogram calculation for not used rel models and for properties that are no longer in the viz

  • Updating of histograms on some click interactions

  • Saved state change on Timeline change

  • Force-directed layout fail with selected rels without nodes

  • SaveAs modal - missing translations were added

  • Optimized JS objects creation

  • Browser's pop-up showing fixed in export from unsaved visualization

  • Updating of the visualization name in the header after renaming the visualization

  • Fixed showing of relationships after data reload with merged relationships model turned on



  • Cytoscape.js upgraded to 3.9.1

  • Removed strict version check for Neo4j GL plugin


  • Fixed disappearing nodes while using graph stretching shortcuts

  • Fixed "not defined" errors in Edge Create and Data Edit widgets

  • Fixed error in Save As modal

  • Fixed opening pages from main menu in new tab



  • more robust check and user control over leaving visualization without saving changes

  • all file downloads are handled in the same browser window

  • added layout animation threshold - animation is not used with bigger graphs for responsivity reasons


  • fixed adding of not wanted property when creating a new node in visualization

  • fixed adding of new node with no labels


New features

  • New visualization is created as a canvas without any data. User can search, add or import data directly in visualization without the need to go to the Search & Manage Data page.

  • Fulltext search is now available directly in visualization in the header of the application. Found nodes can be added to the visualization with one click. Fulltext index configuration is also available from visualization.

  • Saved visualizations menu - after clicking on the application logo a list of available visualizations with thumbnail preview is shown. Any visualization can be opened with one click in the menu.

  • Product Tour - main pages like Visualization, Search & Manage Data and Saved Visualizations have a few hints hidden in the Info icon in the right part in the application header. These hints highlights main features on the current page and walks user through basic concepts behind the features.


  • Increased maximal size of saved visualization to 16MB.

  • Increased maximal length of Job name to 40 characters.

  • Node labels and relationship types lists are updated after every graph data change - this improves user experience in modeling use cases where new elements are created manually.

  • When a visualization is opened the name of the visualization is set as the title of the browser tab.


  • Visualization - fixed wrong node output after opening the Detail tab.

  • Fixed issues with graph repositioning in some layout configurations.

  • Numerous small bugfixes and performance enhancements.


New features

  • Support for Neo4j Temporal and Spatial data types

  • Support for Neo4j 3.5+

  • Added Legacy Neo4j GL plugin for backward compatibility with Neo4j Neo4j 3.3 and 3.4

  • Added layout animations for all layouts

  • Added SHIFT + Mouse wheel shortcut for stretching of the selected part of the graph


  • Major performance upgrades for

    • Timeline functionality

    • Exploring workflows

    • Removing or deleting of graph elements

  • Improved handling of unsaved visualizations - nothing is stored in background and the user is explicitly in control of every visualization save operation

  • Neo4j driver upgraded to 1.7.2

  • Cytoscape.js upgraded to 3.7.3

  • Cytoscape.js Euler layout upgraded to 1.2.1

  • Added rendering limits for relationships to improve application response in big graphs

  • Node Label, Rel Type and Property names escaped in ETL

  • Improved responsiveness of tables

  • Selection tools in visualization now selects nodes in case a relationship without it's nodes (start or end) is selected

  • Force directed layout uses randomization of node positions in every run

  • Improved starting time of visualization with one node


  • Fixed creation of virtual properties on relationships ("Cannot read stat..." error)

  • Fixed opening of node's detail when clicking on nodes in Search tab in visualization

  • Fixed 'ms' options in Timeline settings

  • Fixed Exploring filter usage with option 'show never'

  • Fixed histogram update in Search tab after adding a new property histogram



  • Added relationship rendering limits for improving rendering stability with fallback to merged relationship model which has the best performance.

  • Added pace indicator while performing a Cypher query on Search page and in visualization while saving visualization, inverting selection or doing any major calculation.

  • Optimized removing of elements in visualization.

  • Optimized visualization refresh and recalculation algorithm.

  • Nodes in circle layout are sorted by Node Title property set in Settings tab in visualization's Control Panel.

  • Alphabetical sorting of values in Style Mappers in visualization.

  • Alphabetical sorting of values in histograms in Stat tab in visualization's Control Panel.


  • Fixed layout of nodes without relationships in exploring.

  • Fixed main menu accessibility on screens under 1000 px width.

  • Fixed virtual property listing for undefined and null values in Detail tab in visualization's Control Panel.



  • Improved Windows installation manual


  • Fixed openning of shared visualization


New features

  • Timeline - filter for showing only time relevant nodes and relationships in visualization. Allows modeling of lifespan data (every element has start date and end date) or event data (with one timestamp as "occurence").

  • Windows - Graphlytic as system service - installer is included in the Windows installation package.

  • Design - changes in the overall look&feel of the application were made.

  • Menu - main application menu was moved from left panel to header as a dropdown menu.


  • New computational core in visualization - more performance and stability.

  • Data Model - new out of the box properties for nodes : numOfRelations, numOfRelatedNodes.

  • Style Mappers - global mappers are synchronized with visualization on opening.


  • Quoting of property names was fixed in all queries.

  • Explore Widget filter fixed for user without the Data Management permission.

  • Read-only Cypher queries fixed for user without the Data Management permission.



  • Windows Installation - Graphlytic as a Windows Service option was added

  • Settings - Using background_image mapper in VISUALIZATION setting automatically triggers node style change to "Icon" when starting a new visualization

  • Cytoscape.js upgraded to 3.2.11


  • Visualization - Exploring filter fixed when used with Virtual Relationship Models

  • Visualization - Changing of Style Mappers with exploring was fixed

  • Search - search string can now include the underscore character "_"

  • Search - fixed automatic Cypher query generator for queries with no conditions

  • minor bugfixes and performance fixes



  • New global settings:

    • DATA_SCHEMA - added support for declaring virtual properties for Direction Merged Relationships

    • STYLE_VIEWS - this setting was completely refactored to better match the STYLE_MAPPERS objects and also support for changing the Relationship Model and Title properties was added

    • STYLE_MAPPERS - support for declaring Style Mappers for Direction Merged Relationships was added


      • relationshipModel - default Virtual Relationship model

      • dirMergedRelTitleProp - default title property for Direction Merged Relationships

      • dirMergedRelTooltipProps - default tooltip properties for Direction Merged Relationships

      • mappers - default mappers for nodes and relationships used when user creates a new visualization

  • Visualization

    • improved performance of styling workflows

    • improved performance of GUI rendering resulting in lower initialisation time

    • white background in relationship titles

  • Upgraded installation manual for macOS


  • Fixed import of CSV files with varying number of columns in rows (this happens also when the file's column separator do not mach the default separator used in Graphlytic)

  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts on macOS devices


New features

  • Virtual Relationship Models - Relationships are first class citizens in graphs and a great source of knowledge but graph models with many parallel relationships can become very hard to visually analyse. For such use cases Graphlytic supports virtual merging of parallel relationships into one relationship which then represents an array of relationships. There are three models of relationships which can be used:

    • All relationships - in this case nothing is merged and all relationships are visualized exactly as they are stored in the database.

    • Direction merge of relationships - this model merges parallel relationships with the same direction. When using this model you can visually distinguish if two nodes are connected and if they have connections in both directions or if their relationship is one directional.

    • Merge of relationships - this model merges all relationships between two nodes and do not distinguish directions. It's used when you need to see if there is or is not a connection between nodes. This model is easier to render and therefore is recommended to use it when you want to visualize large graphs.

  • Exploring filter - select which types of nodes (based on their labels) and which types of relationships are added to the visualization when you are using the exploring functionality in Graphlytic. Preselect the configuration and explore parts of the graph or control the filtering before adding any new elements to the visualization. This can be helpful when your graph model has nodes with high degree which can lead to cluttered visualizations very quickly. Filtering can be also used for exploring only some layers of the graph model.


  • Tooltips - improved logic of tooltip positioning, especially on relationships where the tooltip now follows the mouse cursor

  • Vizualization - alphabetical sorting of values in all select elements


  • Usage of properties with spaces in the property key in Visualization and on the Search page

  • Column shifting in MS Excel import on the Search page

  • Multilingual support on the login page



  • Visualization - gravity layout (force directed) algorithm changed to Euler layout with much better results and performance

  • Visualization - all properties are compared when refreshing the visualization (only properties from Data Schema were compared before)

  • Settings - improved automatic settings generator - settings are now generated from a sample of up to 10.000 elements

  • Settings - some of the system properties are now public (_created, _updated, _numOfRelations, _numOfRelatedNodes, _numOfHiddenRelationships) and added in default and automatic Data Schema setting

  • Visualization - Cytoscape.js update to version 3.1.4


  • Visualization - fixed too early ending of the gravity layout

  • Visualization - fixed reloading and mapper changing of edge styles

  • Visualization - fixed geo layout problems with nodes without geo properties



  • Visualization - major performance improvement in graph exploring algorithms

  • Visualization - Cytoscape.js upgraded to version 3.1.2

  • Visualization - globally defined Style mappers are automatically updated when opening a saved visualization

  • Visualization - improved force-directed layout parameters

  • Search - user can add search queries from global repository


  • Search - fixed Excel files import with sparse data or not defined name of a column

  • Search - searching of double quote, single quote and backslash

  • minor improvements and bugfixes



  • added information popups in Visualization for functionality where at least one node has to be selected

  • nicer default style for nodes and relationships in visualization

  • sorting of properties on the Deatil tab and in the Add property menus

  • success notification after CSV or PNG export in visualization

  • fullscreen on mobile devices


  • columns sorting on the Search page

  • disable "Delete" menu item for read-only properties on the Detail tab in visualization



  • Reimplemented calculations workflow in Visualization - all calculations are around 10x faster

  • New tooltips in visualization

  • Search page - Node labels can be added as a column in Node's table query builder


  • Removed qTip tooltips from Visualization because the library caused memory leaks in some situations



  • CSV Export on Search page automatically exports all columns of the opened tab

  • CSV Export in Visualization automatically exports all properties that are used at least once in the visualized graph

  • Import file - improved user experience after import with automatic refresh of all select lists

  • Import file - import only selected columns

  • Search page - improved performance of page loading with many tabs

  • Visualization - new icons for exploring and loading

  • Visualization - new virtual property scope variable for nodes - numOfHiddenRelationships


  • Data Schema - read only input restriction

  • Search page - sorting of columns in node's tab query

  • Visualization - usage of properties with non alphabetical characters

  • Visualization - text duplication in node snippets



  • Visualization

    • Style mappers - create discrete or linear style mappers directly in visualization. Change colors, icons or dimensions of your graph elements with value pickers in Control panel

  • Search page

    • Search Tabs - create Cypher queries or filtering conditions as tabs on search page

    • File import - import CSV, XLS and XLSX files with nodes or relationships easily directly from search page

    • Search settings - change SEARCH_MODE and Node Fulltext Index settings on search page


  • minor bugfixes and improvements



  • changed control panel theme in visualization

  • fixed creating relationships

  • optimized virtual property evaluation

  • minor bugfixes and improvements



  • UTF-8 with BOM support in settings import

  • visualization consistency check during saving

  • fixed labels overwriting in property editing widget

  • minor bugfixes and improvements



  • updated Cytoscape library to 2.7.11

  • curve-style mapping support

  • improved Cypher processing on search page

  • new configuration parameter to configure Login page logo title. See "site.logo.title" in graphlytic.conf

  • minor bugfixes and improvements



  • improved SEARCH_TABS automatic generator

  • improved Geo Layout coordinates translation - decimal comma or dot can be used

  • minor bugfixes and improvements



  • improved performance of visualization start from Cypher query

  • improved locale usage in number formatting

  • fixed statistics updating

  • fixed multivalue style mappers

  • fixed node detail modal

  • several minor bugfixes and improvements



  • Graphlytic data

    • Graphlytic data are not stored in Neo4j anymore. Graphlytic doesn't create any custom data in Neo4j from now. Only indexes in Neo4j are created.

  • Indexing

    • Graphlytic creates only fulltext index for nodes. Relationships are not indexed.

    • simplified configuration of fulltext index

    • it is possible to create any Neo4j index in Graphlytic Settings page (only unique constraint was supported in previous releases)

  • Data Security

    • selective configuration of Data security was replaced by declarative configuration. With Property Security you can configure for each group of users which properties are visible and manageable. With Entity Security you can configure for each group of users which nodes and relationships are visible and manageable. Entity security is configured by "Cypher condition". See Permissions to data page for more details.

  • Search page

    • Cypher queries can be run in Search page and visualization can be started from Cypher query results

    • all columns are sortable

  • Settings

    • you can use "*" in DATA_TYPES, which means "all nodes" or "all relationships"

    • removed setting ACL_TABS

    • SEARCH_TABS: only node tabs can be created

    • improved automatic SEARCH_TABS generator: separate tab for every node label is created

  • Visualization

    • improved Statistics tab

      • dynamically add or remove histograms for properties

      • switch between logarithmic and linear scale

      • switch between dimension (distinct values) and metric (calculated intervals) histograms

  • Installation

    • configurable path to log directory. See "graphlytic.conf"

  • Other

    • due to new Graphlytic's data store this version brings many minor improvements



  • removed VISUALIZATION.nodeDetailProps and VISUALIZATION.relDetailProps

  • improved DATA_SCHEMA automatic and default settings

  • DATA_SCHEMA Input Restrictions samples added to documentation

  • minor bugfixes and improvements



  • Visualization:

    • fixed virtual properties editing for user without data management permission

    • fixed adding elements without properties

    • fixed relationship creating and editing

    • fixed statistics update

    • fixed tooltips hiding

    • minor improvements

  • Application Settings

    • fixed auto-generating of Indexer configuration

    • fixed auto-generating of Data schema configuration



  • Visualization

    • Virtual properties in visualization - create small javascript functions as virtual properties

    • Statistics tab - histograms for properties with selection functionality - filter data based on property values

    • Detail tab - hide/unhide properties, edit properties one by one

    • merged relationships in visualization - merge relationship with one click and attach virtual properties on them

    • custom icons in visualization - upload icons into <GL_HOME>/icons/ folder and use them in Style mappers

    • Geo layout - layout nodes based on latitude and longitude stored in properties

    • Web Workers for every major calculation

  • Application settings

    • changed terminology for better Neo4j compliance - see Administration manual for changes

    • improved settings for better readability

    • import and export of settings



  • automatic setting for SEARCH_MODE application setting

  • some minor bugfixes and performance upgrades in visualization



  • Graphlytic is compatible with Neo4j 3 now. Minimum required version is Neo4j 3.0.0 from this release

  • added support for Bolt protocol. You can configure to use Bolt or REST for communication between Graphlytic and Neo4j (see configuration file graphlytic.conf). Bolt protocol is also supported for all Neo4j drivers in ETL jobs.

  • widgets in visualization

    • added application setting WIDGETS where you can enable and configure widgets in visualization

    • added support for external Widgets. You can extend Graphlytic visualization functionality with widgets. See how to install external widget in Installation manual

  • main configuration file was renamed from "application.properties" to "graphlytic.conf" and moved to directory "conf"

  • new structure of directories of Graphlytic home directory

  • application settings

    • simplified settings (less mandatory properties in settings)

    • better descriptions and examples in documentation

  • visualization

    • Cytoscape.js update to 2.7.2 with significantly improved rendering performance

    • update of all layouts with major performance and usability improvements

    • new keyboard shortcuts for alignment, equal distribution, selected graph stretching, save visualization, find node and select all elements

    • numerous minor improvements and bugfixes



  • improved page with saved visualizations:

    • ordering of visualization by name, date of creation or last change and by owner

    • hiding of shared visualizations and option to show hidden visualizations

  • database labels and relationship type in tooltips in visualization

  • increased session timeout to 60 minutes

  • automatic configuration for Node and Relationship Index.

  • some bugfixes and performance improvements



  • changes in terminology to better follow graph terminology

  • fixed visualization refresh and notification about changes in saved visualization

  • improved linear style mapper



  • we introduce a new security model. New model has more permissions so you have more possibilities to organize users of Graphlytic

  • added possibility to index node labels and relationship type. This can be used in search configuration

  • indexer can be enabled or disabled in GUI not only by REST service

  • reindex is not started automatically now. Reindex was started automatically after configure and enable operations before.

  • some improvements of indexer performance (count of nodes and relationships)

  • changes in settings:

    • Style mappers - dynamic values from attributes can be used as mapped values in discrete mapper

    • Visualization - compact view panel with just 3 buttons: center view, zoom in, zoom out

    • support for DB labels and Rel type in setting:

      • CSV export

      • Style mappers

      • Search tabs, ACL tabs

      • Visualization filter



  • added new configuration options in 5 new settings: ACL tabs, CSV export, Style mappers, Style views, Visualization settings

  • minor improvements in other settings

  • new ETL drivers for automatic import of CSV files as nodes and relatiosnhips. See ETL: Neo4jCsvNodes and ETL: Neo4jCsvRelationships pages

  • refactor of names of some ETL drivers.

  • validation of JSON for Node Index and Relationship Index

  • new feature in search configuration (Search tabs and ACL tabs). Attribute "fields" is list now, so you can create "OR" condition.

  • node labels and relationship types are now visible in visualization in right panel (tab "Detail")

  • node labels and relationship types can be added as columns in search results on Search page and ACL page. Use "_dbLabels" or "_dbRelType" in the Search tabs configuration.

  • optimalization of generating automatic settings on Settings page. Now 1000 of all nodes and 1000 of all relationships are used as sample (not 1000 of all node types and 1000 of all relationship types).

  • version of Graphlytic is now visible on login screen

  • new icons for nodes

  • styling performance improvements

1.0.0 - 1.9.0

Internal releases.