Table of Contents

Special upgrade steps

Unless otherwise stated in this chapter, upgrade to any version can be done by following the step described in the Common upgrade steps chapter.

Upgrade from Graphlytic 2.x to Graphlytic 3.x

  1. Follow the Common upgrade steps
  2. Configure and reindex the fulltext index - see Graph Connections#FulltextSearchConfiguration

Common upgrade steps

Follow these steps for a standard Graphlytic upgrade:

  1. stop Graphlytic (see WinS: 4. Stop Graphlytic)
  2. backup configuration files or start scripts you have changed.
    1. /conf/*.*
    2. all folders set in the graphlytic.conf file or other folder defined in WinS: Important directories
    3. run scripts
  3. unzip Graphlytic installation file "graphlytic-<version>.zip" into your Graphlytic's home directory (for example c:\graphlytic\) and confirm all overwrites of files from prior installation (for example graphlytic.jar).
  4. restore backed up files from step 2.
  5. start Graphlytic (see WinS: 3. Start Graphlytic)