Table of Contents

Install Graphlytic

Graphlytic is installed as a console application in Windows.

Unzip Graphlytic installation file "graphlytic-<version>.zip" into home Graphlytic directory (for example: c:\graphlytic\)

Configure Graphlytic

Graphlytic's configuration is stored in the "conf/graphlytic.conf" file.

The configuration contains (among other options):

  • Location of important directories like logs, custom icons, and widgets.
  • Default SMTP connection.
  • Default password strength.
  • Branding options.

For all options and examples of how to use them please refer to Configuration.

HTTP vs. HTTPS configuration

Edit configuration file "graphlytic.bat" to use HTTP or HTTPS (or both) for connecting to the Graphlytic web application. This is an optional step (default config is HTTP and HTTPS both enabled).

REM disable or enable HTTP/HTTPS. To disable comment or remove line