1. Open a browser window or tab (see Requirements for supported browsers).

  2. Enter the URL of Graphlytic (for example http://localhost:8080 or https://localhost:8443 if Graphlytic is running on your computer).

  3. The Login page will be displayed if you have not already logged into Graphlytic (see picture below).

  4. Enter your username and password (for single sign-on please see the Single sign-on page). Default credentials (see Login with default user for more information) after the first installation are:

    1. username: admin

    2. password: admin

  5. In case of a successful login, the dashboard with saved visualizations will be displayed.


Forgotten Password

In case you have forgotten your password and the "Forgot password?" link is displayed on the login page (this feature has to be enabled by the administrator) it's possible to reset the password by yourself by following the steps below.

1. Click on the "Forgot password?" link. Fill in your username and click on the "Reset my password" button (see picture below).

2. An email with a password reset URL link will be sent to the email address stored in the system with the username.

3. Use the URL link in the email to reset your password.