Home directory of Graphlytic.

  • bin
    • graphlytic-init-deb - init script for Ubuntu service.
    • graphlytic-init-rhel - init script for RHEL service. Used during installation. See RHEL: 2. Install Graphlytic
    • graphlyticc - script used to start Graphlytic as a console application (not used when installed as service)
    • graphlyticd - script which is started when Graphlytic service is started
  • certificates
    • graphlytic-keystore - store for private and public key for HTTPS (self-signed)
  • conf - configuration files
    • graphlytic.conf - main configuration file
    • logback.xml - main configuration file for logging
  • data - data directory for Graphlytic. Stores: GL database
  • icons - external icons
  • lib - application libraries
    • graphlytic.jar - web application
  • widgets - external widgets


(for example: /usr/share/graphlytic/data)

Data directory for Graphlytic. Stores: GL database


(for example: /var/log/graphlytic)

Contains log files, see Logging


(for example: /usr/share/graphlytic/widgets)

Contains external Widgets, see Widgets Management


(for example: /usr/share/graphlytic/icons)

Contains external Icons, see Custom Icons